Senior Living Advisor And Client Sercuring A Care Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Truth is Assisted Living Locators has been around for over 10 years, and in general Senior Placement Agents have been around much longer than that; although Assisted Living Placement Agents are extremely few in numbers in New England. Using an Assisted Living Placement Agent is a very common practice in Florida, Arizona, and the warmer retirement states. There can be over a hundred agents in these areas. Almost everyone uses a Senior Placement Agent like myself. Down south the choices are so numerous that it adds to, an already, complicated process. New England Senior Communities are now growing at such a large rate a serious need for Senior Placement Agents has materialized. Assisted Living Locators now covers most of the New England territories.

    • It’s a free service, no hidden fees. Agents get a referral fee from the communities we place with; its standard practice and the fees are standard. Agents like myself are vital to keep communities thriving. As the amount of Communities grows they count on agents, like myself, to bring to their door potential residents that may not have come to them otherwise.

    • There is no getting around it, a nice Community can be a large expense. However, a Senior Advisor like myself knows how to find funding sources and programs to leverage. I can help you to uncover resources you may not have even known existed. If you need to sell your home I can set up the entire process. A good Senior Agent will have close relationships with experts and specialists who can provide great assistance in finding monitory sources.

    • Assisted Living Locator Agents are trained to identify the safest communities. The specific territory agent individually vets any Community that works with Assisted Living Locators. That means we know who might have safety or health violations and citations with the state. Depending on the severity of violations we will know to steer clear of particular communities.

      An Assisted Living Locators agent’s goal is to tour each facility with you. Once we have vetted and researched communities that we deem are a good/safe fit for a client's unique needs an agent will generally choose only a few (usually 3) of the best options. By narrowing down options we can avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. This process aids in the education process by giving you an understanding how different communities operate, highlighting their similarities and differences. An agent is always at your side to answer questions, educate and advocate for you every step of the way.

    • In the end our Senior Advisor Agent will always be there for you. Our goal at Assisted Living Locators is to be your personal Agent for life. Once moved in we check in on you after the first week, then follow up a month later. We will be available whenever you pick up the phone and need our help.