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Meet Your Hosts, Shawn and Lynda

A great synergy. It’s true they are both “goofy” and love to laugh, but together they have a perfect synergy. Shawn is that person that wants to see that 98 year old man jump from an airplane, or the 83 year old still benching or squatting more then most 20 years olds. Shawn loves to see and document these things. Lynda also loves to see seniors taking it to the next level, but what intrigues her even more is how each person gets to their heightened potential. Is it food, religion, meditation...what is it? Even more importantly what can others learn to maximize their own potential. In the end Shawn and Lynda may always look like they are having fun, they joke and laugh, even get a bit goofy, but they are very serious in the message they trying to send.

“Armed with the best information, an active and exciting life in ones seniors years is possible, and absolutely doable.” It is Shawn and Lynda’s belief that this TV show is highly entertaining to watch, but more importantly it's a “feel good show” that provides all of us with hope; hope and knowledge which are the building blocks one needs to start making real changes.

Shawn Shambo

Occupational Therapist/Senior Care Advisor

Shawn Shambo is a 30 year veteran of Occupational Therapy who has specialize in Senior Care for almost his entire career.  Shawn is a certified dementia specialist, who has also specialized in Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal Cord and Stroke. Four years ago Shawn Started a project called “Seniors are Awesome”.  Shawn would find Seniors (mostly 80 years old or older) and documented the amazing things that they were doing, as well as, highlighting how they were able to maintain an active and healthy life style into the their elderly years.  Shawn's goal is to redefine what “elderly” truly is in our modern times.

Portrait of ALL Portland Maine Owner Shawn Shambo
Portrait of Maine Radio Personality Lynda Adams

Lynda Adams

Maine Radio Personality

Well known for her Radio Show on WLOB in Greater Portland Maine.

Lynda's Show focuses on finding balance and health in ones life. Whether spiritual, mental, or physical health Lynda focuses on what the “world in general” has to offer to each person to enhance their lives. Lyndas interviewing style is unique, in that, her goal is to swing a door wide open on each interviewee to find out what makes them “tick”, and how they focus their energies that make them “their best self”.

The Senior Secret show

The show’s pilot shooting is wrapped up and currently being edited.

Each shows episode: 30 min show. Two individual segments focused on two separate amazing seniors. Each segment approx 12 mins long (6 mins being allotted for commercials).

Each segment is separated in half’s. First half ( approx 6 mins) : The senior subject demonstrates the activity that makes the them special.

Second half: ( approx 6 mins): Interview style - Shawn and Lynda interview to learn about the life of the interviewee and drill down on what the interviewee feels is their secret that maintains their “edge” and keeps them in a state to live their best life.

Portrait Of Skip Robinson at 77 years young

Skip Robinson 77 years young

Skip Robinson Body Building Career became serious once being Named Mr. Maine back in 1971. Known as the most successful Body Builder in the State of Maine, Skip was inducted into the Maine Sports Hall of Fame in 2013. He holds Championship Body Building wins in Mr. World, Mr. America, and podium wins in the USA Masters, as well as, many other competitions over a long span of competition.

Currently Skip is a fitness trainer; training people of all ages. He appears to have the most fun when he is training others for body building competitions; training is not all weights and diet, you need to know how to pose and how to create a “Stage Presents”; these are all skills that Skip have mastered over the years.

Skip to this day works out regularly using both free and machine based weights. He still has a physique better than most 30 plus year old and continues stay extremely active and continues to work out with weights even after two hip replacements and a shoulder replacement.

Portrait of Flo Meiler at 86 years young

Flo Meiler 86 years young

Flo started entering Senior Olympic level Competitions back when she was 65 years of age. Since then she holds records in track and field, which includes 4x 200 Relay set in 2018 at the Senior Olympics in Poland, as well as, a personal World Record in Pole Vaulting set at 16.6 feet when she was 85 years old.

Flo works out 3 to 4 days a week year round at the track and field area of her local high school in Burlington VT; in the colder months she trains indoors at the local college. She proudly represents the State of Vermont for all of the qualifier competitions in the States and represents the USA in the Senior Olympics, which are held all over the world, the last Olympics was set in Poland 2018.

Flo does more than represent the Seniors of America in the Olympics “She Dominates”; last Olympics (in Poland) Flo brought home 5 gold medals, and 2 Silver, even breaking that relay records with 3 other ladies “ ALL OVER 80”!

Flo is not a wallflower at Track and Field events (as you would imagine). It’s been established that Flo has mastered the relay and pole vault; but, she regularly gathers gold metals and generally podiums regularly in many other events such as the 50 meters dash and hurdles.

We are Looking for Amazing Seniors!

Are you an Amazing Senior or do you know an Amazing Senior?

Shawn and Lynda are looking seniors (generally 80 or older). We would love to hear what you can do and how you got there.

Want to be interviewed?

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