79 Questions to Ask on a Senior Living Tour


79 Questions to Ask on a Senior Living Tour

A Lot To Consider

There are many reasons your family may be thinking about assisted living. Every reason may hold a different value depending on your own journey. Touring a community is a huge step for some families and you are likely to have a large spectrum of emotions while doing it. In the process you may accidentally overlook essential details. You are beginning to learn!

A lot of times the people we work with start off by assuming they need to tour early in the process so as to avoid waitlists. This is not always the case but starting early gives you an extended period of time to pay attention to the very details that may be easy to miss. Things like cleanliness, activities, and the atmosphere at a community are important.

When you tour, try and arrive at least 10 minutes early. This way you can passively observe the community. Sales-oriented companies will try and control as many of the details of a tour possible. To get the real feeling of a community, you’ll want to know what the place is like without being sold.

Regardless of whether you are moving because you need healthcare support or you are moving for social interaction, care is pivotal in the journey and every community has a different feeling. It is important to pay attention to the details that will make you feel at home.

Every community is different and may seem like it has a different personality. Some may have neighbors from one region in the country. Some may have residents who prefer certain cuisine and still others may find residents have a certain type of health need differently than others.

Before touring you should know whether a community considers itself of the medical or social model and consider setting a time to meet with current residents.

Before you tour a community with Shawn and Kaitlyn at Assisted Living Locators we will have the answers to most of these items. It’s helpful to share with us if you are particularly interested in one area of a community and if you are eager to tour independently these are questions you may want to ask;

Questions About Management, HealthCare And Lifestyle

1. How many staff members care for each resident?

2. What training and experience do staff have?

3. Do you have nurses on staff?

4. Are your staff clinical?

5. Are staff trained to care for residents with memory loss or Alzheimer’s?

6. How do you handle dementia in your assisted living wing?

7. How many people work here?

8. How long have your staff worked here?

9. Who are your managers?

10. Are staff onsite 24/7?

11. Do you do an initial assessment prior to admission?

12. How do you assist your residents with their healthcare needs?

13. What kind of clinical support is available overnight?

14. Who are your preferred healthcare providers?

15. Is medication management available?

16. Do you have an in-house physician?

17. Who is your in-house physician?

18. How does your team support residents with activities of daily living (ADLs)?

19. Do you offer palliative and hospice care?

20. Can I get my prescriptions delivered?

21. Which hospital is your emergency hospital?

22. How would you identify a resident in an emergency?

23. Do you complete an assessment prior to moving in?

24. What kind of assessment is required to move in?

25. Will you manage my care with my doctor?

26. How do you know your resident’s needs?

27. Do you offer on-site health services?

28. Do you have a nurse on staff 24/7?

29. What type of security and safety measures do you have in place?

30. How was your chef trained?

31. What are your menu options?

32. Can I try a meal?

33. When was your community built?

34. What types of apartments are available?

35. What size are your apartments?

36. Can I meet another family with a loved one in the community?

37. Do you have an activity calendar?

38. What types of activities and events do you offer?

39. Do you have apartments available now?

40. Do you offer free transportation, or other transportation alternatives?

41. Do you have access to groceries and sundries if I cannot get out?

42. Do you offer a variety of meal options?

43. What flexible options are there for meals?

44. Who is your maintenance director?

45. Can you hang photos on my wall for me?

46. Is the color of paint on my walls the only option?

47. How frequently do you shampoo the rugs?

48. Do you have an orientation program for new residents?

49. What activities are the most popular here?

50. Of the residents who have moved in recent, who do you think is the happiest?

51. Do residents choose their own programming?

52. How engaged are the residents here?

53. Do you have a resident council?

54. Do you have special visiting times?

55. Can my family enjoy an activity or meal with me?

56. How accessible are the staff here?

57. If there is a wait list, how many are on it and what is the policy?

58. Tell me about some of the current residents.

59. Are there common areas for residents to entertain and socialize?

60. Is parking convenient or will visiting be less convenient due to poor parking spaces?

61. Will you shovel my car out in the winter?

62. Is the community located in a desirable area with conveniences nearby (grocery stores, pharmacy, public transit, hospital, etc.)?

63. Are pets allowed?

64. How do you bill?

65. What programs are available to help with our finances?

66. Are there added fees for services or activities?

67. What services does my monthly fee include?

68. Is the cost per apartment different?

69. How will you handle it if my care needs change?

70. Will changes be made to my lease?

71. How will I know if a change is going to happen with my apartment or lease?

72. Is the community a place you could imagine calling home?

73. Is the community attractive? Would you be proud to live here?

74. Are the community grounds, landscape, and building exterior well maintained and easy to navigate?

75. Are there different apartment/cottage floor plans to choose from?

76. How does the community smell?

77. What is the lighting like at the community? Is it natural, calming and inviting?

78. Is the community interior well maintained (freshly painted, clean carpeting, comfortable furniture)?

79. How do you feel in the community? Do you feel calm, welcome, and excited about the future?

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